​Project Management

​We support you with the perfect integration of into your sales process

  • ​​Review of the current processes within your sales department
  • ​​Possibilities – Advantages – Creating added value
  • ​Positioning in sales
    • As a tool for analysing projects > 20 assets
    • As a genuine tool for sales representatives
    • As a configurator, calculator and offer program
    • Holistic sales tool for the complete sales process, including controlling


Support for the launch and migration of

  • Drawing up of individual reports (offer and presentation templates, lists and reports) in your own corporate design
  • Import-functions for processing existing data
  • Lists and documents for roll-out management
  • Support of employees in their daily business tasks

Individual programming

  • Modules for specific work areas such as in-house printing, IT Security, environment, etc.
  • Integration of individual questionnaires in the context of end customer consulting
  • Interfaces to existing CRM, ERP, fleet management

Trainings – specific user trainings according to user groups

  • Webinars
  • Classroom
  • Individual on-site training


Sales training – from acquisition to order

  • Practice-oriented trainings tailored to the group of people involved
  • Company Seminars
  • Open seminars


Individual, interactive and person-centered sales training

  • Training on the job – mentoring
  • Development of individual strengths
  • Development of specific sales philosophies


Project support for dealers and manufacturers customer

  • Manpower during on-site inspections (physical capturing / inventory)
  • Preparation and support during all phases of the project
  • Assistence with presentations – Roll Out Management is a registered trademark of perform IT GmbH

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