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We bundle know-how and technology in order to make your sales processes in the office equipment and IT industry smarter. We focus on making sales even more successful and efficient. The in-house developed software forms the technical prerequisite for being able to act quickly, easily and professionally in day-to-day business.


= ​achieve more sales and earnings potential for our customers
= ​more time for your core business, namely customer discussions and sales closures
= easy to understand tools for sales staff
= allows the step from seller to consultant
= measurable results for the sales management

​With our services and software products we address all manufacturers of printing- and multifunction systems as well as software and service providers in the field of document solutions. We develop special tailor-made proposals for traditional retailors for office supplies and technology, system houses, providers of supplies and distributors.


The biggest innovation in digital age is – Talking to each other!

We will talk to you in order to understand your current sales process and help you improve. The market is changing at a rapid pace and our modular technical platform will allow you to spend more time talking to your customers by providing you with a superior and faster way to make sales.

Use our technology to be even more successful in selling your products. – makes your sales process smarter


Our market place is changing dramatically!

What is happening?

  • ​Product prices are dropping
  • ​Margins are shrinking
  • ​You are forced to generate more and more revenue with less staff
  • ​The business and consulting getting more complex
  • ​Digital transformation is in high demand
  • Predictable analysis is an becoming an ever-occurring topic

Are you sure you can face all these problems with the same traditional sales process?

​What we promise!

​We cannot change the market, but we can support you to make your sales more successful and more efficient.

Customers whom we were able to help out


​We have been using for the last 3 years and it is truly an outstanding product developed by a company that backs it with outstanding support.​

Todd Stanton

MPS Director – Meridian, USA


​Using has enabled us to reduce our internal processes for handling and executing projects by over 60 percent.​

​Norman Möller

​Team Manager Sales – Weinrich, Germany



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​American Sales Company

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