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Release 2014

Silverlight Technology supported until end of 2021

MSD 2020

Release 2020

New release to replace Silverlight Technology

To get started with MSD 2020, please contact us!

By activating the trial license you accept the following provisions:

Providing this trial license is a voluntary service by perform IT, free of charge.
Perform IT cannot give any warranty concerning the functions and does not provide any back-ups.

Liability for damages resulting from the use of the software is expressively excluded.

Please keep in mind, that all projects created on the trial server will be deleted later. The trial server is just for testing the application as a demo and not to use it as a productive system.

Important note regarding data security!

We strongly recommend that you switch off the automatic update feature (Settings > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads for Apps/Updates) on your iPad device for the period from the beginning to the end of the onsite survey including the upload of all your data from the local iPad storage to the cloud solution.

Please also make sure that you have performed all offline backups of your iPad device incl. all apps and their data before activating the automatic update again or updating the capture IT app manually. Otherwise you would run the risk of losing your locally stored project data if something will go wrong during the update process of this offline application.

Please perform the following steps:

1.switch off the Automatic Update Feature,
2.start onsite data collection,
3.make regular backups using iTunes on your laptop computer,
4.upload all collected project data to the cloud application,
5.make sure the upload was successful,
6.make backups of your whole iPad using iTunes again,
7.activate the automatic update feature and download among others the newest capture IT for iPad version,
8.make sure the app works properly after the update, otherwise remove the app and install it again,
9.deactivate the update feature again if you intend to do another data collection using the app onsite. is a registered trademark of perform IT GmbH

Copyright © 2021 perform IT GmbH

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