Create the Covid-19 adapted workplace!

The challenge!

The challenge for all companies and authorities at the moment is to provide people on site with more space and more protection from infection. This requires a complete redesign of areas and associated workplaces. Which leads to a lot of manual effort because this is usually done physically through time-consuming inspections and discussions on site.

The solution!

Stay in touch with your customers and help them to redesign these areas using our software.

Use our tool to quickly and effectively develop a preliminary plan on a floor plan. 

This serves as a basis for discussion and can then be put into practice on site very efficiently.

  • Upload a sketch, floor plan or escape plan as file to edit
  • Place employees/people and activate the radius function to see which distances are necessary
  • Redefine the entrances and exits within the areas
  • Identify meeting points and define waiting areas
  • Virtually tape the walkways and set up safety zones
  • Place signs in the room plan for
  • max. number of people in the elevator
  • max. number of people in rooms
  • distance information
  • marking zones
  • waiting areas etc.
  • Set up the hand sanitizer dispensers in the company virtually
  • Use the tape measure in the software to check and mark distances
  • Show the square meters per room to learn how much space is available per employee
  • Work online with your customers on the plan and give them access to the tool

In this difficult time especially, you will excel in assisting your customers with managing organizational measures faster and easier. 

The conversation will help you sell  products to your customers.


Our Offer!

We offer all our current software-users the opportunity to grand their end customers excess to our tool for the duration of the planning phase FREE of charge for up to 4 weeks. You will be able to work together as a team on the concept for the design of areas and new workplaces.

If you are not using our tool yet – get in touch with us!

Your Benefits!

  • Get access to the customers and prospect
  • You have an interesting message
  • Shape your profile as a consulter
  • You can sell a service and potentially some hardware and/or software
  • Build lasting customer relations by providing excellent support during trying times

Your Customers Benefits!

  • Saving time in organizing the new workplace during covid-19
  • Can get access to the software and work with you on the concept
  • Shows professionalism to employees and their customers is a registered trademark of Asolvi Germany GmbH

Copyright © 2023 Asolvi Germany GmbH

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