Transition to 2020 web application is based on the brand-new technology and works in any modern browser without any additional plugin. For more information about the supported devices, operating systems and browsers look to the new system requirements.

During the transition period you will be able to work on projects with MSD or MSD 2020. 



-Always include the region/server prefix

MSD 2020

-Always use the full URL in lower case

-Always include the region/server prefix

Use your old cloud application instance to log in to capture IT. Changes are not required for now.  

  • Do not use MSD and MSD 2020 to access the same projects with the same user account simultaneously, this may damage your project
  • Please note, that MSD 2020 is not accessible with Internet Explorer
  • MSD 2020 provides some new features (e.g. IT module – to calculate other assets like IT, Office Equipment, Software and Services) which are not supported by the Silverlight app. Once you start using these feature (create new IT assets), your project will become invisible in the MSD. You can make your project visible again by deleting not supported asset
  • Do not work with the application using the same account from different computers simultaneously, because this may damage your projects. Do not share your named account with other persons

Password changes must be performed in MSD AND the MSD 2020. Changing the password in just one app will lead to different passwords. Always use your MSD password to access capture IT! is a registered trademark of Asolvi Germany GmbH

Copyright © 2023 Asolvi Germany GmbH

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